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Writer's Block: Tearjerkers

Which movie always makes you cry?

The Bridges of Madison County. It always makes me think of the chooses I make in life that sacrifice my personal happiness for the needs of others in my life.

Also, Bicentennial Man because he is searching simply to be recognized for who he is and how he feels.

and Beaches........it's a real booger movie

Writer's Block: Fast-food TV

Are there any dreadfully bad TV shows that you wouldn't want your friends to know you watch? Confess! (This is LiveJournal, where we love you unconditionally.)

Ok. So I don't consider this to be bad tv, but it is my own guilty pleasure. I am hopelessly addicted to One Life to Live and All My Children. At age 37, I confess to watching it since I was 5. I wanted to grow up and get married so I could have an affair like Erica Kane and be a hooker like Judith Light (her character, Karen Wolek, not the actress). I used to ravage the atlas at school seeking desperately for Llanview and Pine Valley so I could run away to become one of Viki's children (before she came down with her multiple personalities) and go shopping at the Glamarama and ask Myrtle for advice. Watching the shows was the best of times during my own personal worst of times. I periodically ditched school, called in sick to work and read Soap Opera Digest religiously to catch up when I couldn't watch. Thank Erica for the dvr! I am crushed they are being canceled but will remain a stalwart viewer to the end. At least until I discover my brother is my father and I develop a personality named Judy and have to be dragged off to the nuns at St. Anne's to reintegrate!

When life gives you lemons...

Life has been a little bit rough the past few months, with all of the school district cuts, Mom's health, and the Sprout's stay at the mental hospital.I am unsure about where I will be working next year or if I will even have a job at all in the fall. I may have to uproot my family and return my home to the bank. Thursday I found out that two of the replacements I had actively lobbied for over the course of several weeks(and had been told I could not transfer to due to qualifications) have been given to people with my same qualifications who have just a little bit more seniority than I. I don't hold any resentment toward these 2 people, who need their jobs just as badly as I do. I even made a sincere gesture toward one as an offer to help in the transition since she will be working with students I have direct experience with. Both of the women are my friends and I truly wish them all the best. But I hate the reason I was initially given. And I can't bring myself to believe my principal set things this way deliberately. It is my belief (and hope) that she asked her supervisors, who told her that initially transfers would only be based on qualifications and that then when it wasn't filled, they were directed to approach those being surplussed on a seniority basis. This is what I was told, and I choose to accept it so that I can continue the time I have left at my school with a happy hear and a loving spirit toward those I call friend. People I work with don't understand how I can still come in everyday smiling, joking, and being supportive of others that are either going through this process or have been allowed to stay. Many people at work have become bitter, angry, and resentful.
When there are things you cannot change, you must allow them to pass and focus on what you can. As a big, hungry, gay man, the adage I have decided to adopt as my motto is "When life gives you lemons....MAKE A LEMON MERINGUE PIE!" The irony in this motto is that I love lemon pie. It is the hostess pie I love the best. It's the specialty my mom has made for the family Thanksgivings for over 40 years and she too has lived her life with the importance of positivity. She was diagnosed 10 years ago with congestive heart failure after a pulmonary embolism and has been on oxygen ever since. She was forced to retire. Instead of being bitter, she said God had allowed her to be there to help care for my son. Sometimes I am frustrated by some of her needs, but I love her very much. I feel such gratitude for what she brings and what she taught me about life. "When life gives you lemons...make a pie!"


Okay, so here's the scoop. As some of you may know, I posted a video of myself on Youtube a few weeks ago as part of my submission to audition for the next round of The Biggest Loser. They are still going through videos and I turned mine in at the last minute. They said they will be viewing submissions all the way to the end of May. I am waiting with bated breath, although I know that I am only one submission of many many many. Anyhow, though it was very scary to post, I am excited to say that my video is almost up to 200 hits, and I have gotten some great feedback. I have also made friends with new people, including this really cute guy who used my video to track me down on Facebook. Whoever thought i would actually have someone call me cute. I told him I thought he was cute, and he reciprocated the compliment. Woo Hoo!

My kid cracks me up!

So we get home from the store, have some lunch, and relax. Next thing you know the Sprout comes in licking his lips. "Ahhhhh that was good!" He said. "What?" I asked. "Cake batter ice cream. Ben & Jerry's is like heaven......but you can eat it!" He is so totally my kid!

This might sound ridiculous, but....

Whoever said "Let a smile be your umbrella" was seriously nuts. If you have an umbrella that points up like a bowl, sooner or later someone is going to get wet! It's much better to let a frown be your umbrella so that they roll off to the ground. Perhaps I will let a smile be my birdbath instead. I like birds, as long as they don't go to the bathroom on my head or on my car.Of, the myriad complications of life!

Writer's Block: Beep, Bop, Boop

What was the first video or computer game you ever played? Did you love it or hate it, and why?

oH WOW.we used to play atari like crazy as kids! We played Space Invaders, Breakout, Missile Command, Pacman, and Donkey Kong. I remember QBert and Burgertime were so complicated to me! I loved Frogger too! My first RPG game on the computer was Zork, and I remember making a map so we would know what directions to travel. I remember thinking my dad's Tandy 1000 computer was hot stuff! I remember learning how to write programs in BASIC using an old TRS-80 from Radio Shack! Remember those cheesy comic books they always gave out in school in the early 80's?

Today is a day

Today I decided to take the day for what it was. The final day of my spring break. I decided to be lazy, slept in until 9:30, ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast, caught up on The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live (and don't even get me started on the fact that its being canceled!) and took a nice afternoon nap. The Sprout played Pokemon most of the day and did not give me a lick of grief. I don't know if it is partly the new meds or if it is the fact that he had no expectations placed on him today. I suspect the latter.
Now I am about to go to the freezer and decide whether I want to cook eggplant parmigiana or chicken fried rice. The laziness will float into the evening, I am sure. Finally saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1. All in all it has been a good day and I am not even letting my mind wander into all the crap I want to get done in the next 2 days.

HUGS to all!

A few words among friends.

I know that I have a tendency to write more when things trouble me, but I guess that is my way of dealing with life. And lately, it has totally hit the fan. And when it hits the fan, it splatters. My son just came home from a week stay in a mental health crisis center due to violent behavior at home and school. I have found out in the past few weeks that due to district budget cuts, if I want to continue teaching in district, I will have to either commute 160 miles round trip daily or sell my house and move back to Vegas. Since my house has depreciated by almost 70,000 since I bought it, this means it will probably eventually fall into short-sale or foreclosure. On top of that, my mom (who lives with us) has decided not to have her knee replacement surgery due to the dangers involved with her other medical conditions, so I will continue to keep her toilet bedside and wipe and dump it out multiple times daily. Which to keep her alive is worth it, but sometimes it becomes frustrating. I also sent in an audition video to the biggest loser to see if they would accept my fat-assed self into the show. Having to film myself and make a video and then post it to youtube was a nightmare. However I did have someone tell me I was hot. YAY ME! Anyway, if you are interested in seeing the video, my youtube channel is MiserOwlNV. It was supposed to be MisterOwl, but I was typing late at night. Feel free to comment on the channel or here if you desire.
BTW, I know that many many people have it worse off in life than I do, so I usually don't try to do the self-pity thing too often. But right now I needed to indulge a little bit.